Since 1963 TACAMO has been an acronym derived from a common military phrase, Take Charge And Move Out.  To those of us involved in this unique mission it represents a way of life dedicated to service to our nation.  When I work alongside young TACAMO Sailors today in 2015, they convey that same dedication to a vital mission and that same belief that they are making a difference.  The tradition continues.

 OLDTACAMO.com seeks to make a difference.  It serves a unique mission to document and preserve the history, stories, photos, and information about TACAMO and it is there to be shared with past, present, and future TACAMO community members and families connected to TACAMO. Over the years I have found folks willing to share so that more of the history is preserved and shared.  You may send me info and pictures via email.

 If you are a one tour wonder from the old Herc days, a Merc Sailor who has gone on to other work, or a modern master chief who grew up on Hercs and is ending up the career in Mercs or in some isolated shore duty somewhere, OLDTACAMO.com is for your enjoyment.  If you are new to this site, see also TACAMO.org, the home of TACAMO Community Veterans Association, TCVA. As I often like to sign off . . .

SEMPER ORBITUS…..we always orbit.

Vern Lochausen

Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired